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Our orientation is products and technologies and our goal is fulfilling real needs from our customers. Our tools use architecture similar to AlphaGo while continuously innovating bottom algorithm to build a key EDA tool chain

High-efficiency process of large layout files and large amount of patterns

Using fast and accurate physical and mathematical model to obtain simulation results which are more matching to reality to assist advanced tech node RD and yield enhancement.

Multiple Pattern
Innovative architecture and algorithm design, transfer pattern split and multi exposure into problems that can be optimized progressively
Reliable pattern split, support semiconductor manufacturers to break/exceed the physical limit
Physical Verification Platform
Use software architecture adapted to cloud ecosystem, check pattern and connectivity for standard unit and connecting pattern based on layout hierarchy
Provide fast and accurate design rule check, shorten chip design period, accelerate market entry of chips
Use deep learning to extract design rules, build design rule base depended on pattern
Reduce workload of manual coding of design rules, improve automation of design rule extraction and pattern detection
Litho Modeling
Use computer to simulate lithography process of chip manufacture to obtain image of mask on wafer. Through comparing wafer image and target pattern, expose the uncertainty of lithography before manufacturing as soon as possible and use technical methods to improve image quality
Provide fast and accurate simulation model and apply the model in different usage scenes to help customers solve practical problems
Yixin Technology is always ready to help chip manufacturers!
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